Serious Games

Serious Games in your organisation.

The use of Serious Games to support training not only provides a digital, engaging and focussed learning experience, but also enables the rapid and effective assimilation of content that is essential to business success.


The Digital Learning eXperience Team is aware of current work contexts and recognises the importance of refocusing training approaches on the binomial of employees and current needs, providing them with effective, meaningful and enriching experiences.


At ISQe we design, develop and implement a variety of digital learning experiences* capable of motivating and (re)bringing employees closer to training in an efficient and effective way.



*Immersive experiences, VR/AR, gamification, serious games, interactive videos, microlearning, quizzes, interactive infographics, among other innovative approaches.

Catalogue Courses


Psychosocial Risks



With the aim of raising awareness of the main causes, symptoms, consequences and means of prevention of Psychosocial Risks, this scenario-based game creates a favourable environment for raising awareness of these issues.


General Data Protection Regulation



With the aim of consolidating the essential themes of the General Data Protection Regulation, Jeopardy game challenges the employee to reverse the rules of the game.


General Regime for Corruption Prevention



With the aim of clarifying the essential themes of the General Regime for the Prevention of Corruption, this roulette game serves as a basis for learning essential content on the topic.