Corruption Prevention Policy

ISQe follows the requirements set out in the General Regime for the Prevention of Corruption (RGPC), presenting yet another proof that it is governed by the most demanding standards in relations with its business partners, proposing to satisfy with quality, integrity and good conduct the same.

All ISQe employees are responsible for ensuring proper behavior in the services provided. Only with everyone's commitment, ISQe can achieve its goals of quality, integrity and good conduct, proving to be a business partner aware of the requirements of the business in which it operates and the laws in force.


ISQe Position


Preventing behaviors that may constitute corruption in the performance of its activity and relationship with business partners, ISQe does not allow its employees or third parties acting on its behalf to do the following:

  • offering, promising or authorizing undue advantages to a person or entity, including facilitation payments, with a view to obtaining material or non-property advantages for themselves, ISQe or third parties;
  • accept advantages for yourself, for ISQe or for third parties, when the acceptance could jeopardize the independence and exemption of these or ISQe, current or future, in relation to the offeror or its related party;
  • use donations or sponsorships as a means of exerting unlawful influence or pressure in relation to any decision with an advantage for ISQe or a related party, and social adequacy with regard to the market sector and countries in which ISQe carries out its activity must always be maintained.


ISQe is committed to


  • promote the effectiveness of the irregularities reporting mechanisms in force at ISQe;
  • develop adequate processes and procedures to assess and mitigate the risk of corruption, namely the risk that partners, transactions or commercial/institutional relationships may present to ISQe;
  • promote among its business partners measures to prevent corruption and to recognize the principles and values provided for in the ISQe Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, in this area.


Final Statement


ISQe, represented by its Managing Director, is committed to monitoring the evolution of best practices in terms of preventing the risk of corruption, with a view to continuous improvement.


Pedro Correia
Managing Director