WorkinOffice is a technological solution to support attendance management in the workplace. It allows the employee to book a job on the day they will travel to company's office.


It is a solution that responds to the needs of modern business management based on a hybrid model, in which attendance is divided between face-to-face and remote.


The distinctive factors of WorkinOffice are the ability to manage travel requests to the workplace, map the rooms where employees are or effectively control the office's capacity.




New generation cloud product that integrates with any human resource management platform.

It allows booking and managing workstations, booking meeting rooms or any other physical space.

Allows you to program the cleaning of workstations and create contact tracking in a possible pandemic situation.

It gives you the flexibility and choice of when to work in the office or at home.

Reduces travel-related challenges.

Makes it easier for employees to return to the work environment.

Access to WorkinOffice is via a mobile device or a browser.

The virtual view of the office is available in a 2D or 3D format in order to provide a more interactive and appealing experience for employees.

It allows collecting a wide range of indicators that contribute to better decision-making in investment of spaces and resources.

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