Implementing SaaS, Change Management and Digital Learning Solutions

One-stop solution, market leader, outstanding usability.

The talent management solution we implement is based on the Cornerstone on demand solution, provided by ISQe’s partner Cornerstone (CSOD), recognised around the world as the leader in talent management solutions, with the following distinctive features.

Client-oriented and simple user interface, as recognised by clients and analysts, from different interaction perspectives (end user, manager, power user or HR manager). This is a distinctive feature of our intuitive solution and one that makes all the difference. One of the features of the CSOD platform, recognised by independent specialists and clients alike, is precisely its simplicity and an intuitive user interface. A global survey was conducted by Sierra-Cedar in 2015-2016 for HR systems which ranked CSOD as one of the leaders for client satisfaction and user experience. In view of the company’s size and the demand for self-service and manager services, this is another distinctive feature of the solution.

The Cornerstone solution is a scalable one-stop solution that provides a complete suite for managing talent in the organization for the areas of recruitment, training, performance management and human resources.

Cornerstone is a company 100% dedicated to Training and Talent Management, focussing all its efforts on innovation and development in HR, seeking to serve and support its Clients in creating value on the basis of best practices, benefiting from a global knowledge network in this key area.

Cornerstone has been named by analysts as the leader in talent and training management, in a ranking based on the company’s integrated vision and its ability to implement that vision. In short, the Cornerstone is the recognised world leader and can boast vast international experience and an outstanding reputation for user experience.

CSOD has been singled out internationally by Forrester, Gartner and IDC as an innovative “market leader”, known for its unrivalled standards.

ISQe as specialist implementation partner, on a collaborative basis


The close relationship between ISQe and Cornerstone has already contributed to the success of many organisations. We are at the forefront with leading national and international clients who have the ambition to assert their global operations. We understand their requirements and know how to guarantee resource efficiency and process coordination, and we have the know-how to train and valorise talent.


At the same time, we recognise that the non-tech dimension plays a central role. We advocate collaborative management from project kick-off with the Client’s key resources, contributing to quality and knowledge transfer, through to the post-project phase, with a view to sustainability and seizing opportunities.


Bringing together technical, functional and relational attributes, ISQe is fully committed to being a long-term partner for the client and to contributing to the successful strategic management of its human potential.


Coverage of Implementation, Technological and Functional requirements


In terms of coverage, we offer unified management over the entire life cycle, ensuring uniform information architecture in line with client needs and software customisation capability, maximising benefits and mitigating the project execution risks.


Our value proposition comes with a guarantee of our ability to respond to challenges, making provision from the outset for future scalability into other talent management areas and processes such as training, recruitment, career management and performance assessment and management. In the non-tech dimension, our focus is on relationship management, mobilisation and knowledge transfer, prioritising various enablers: change management, project management and service management.


National and international references from across the economy will vouch for our experience.



Relationship development, leading to the prime attribute: trust


Cornerstone’s track record and the satisfaction of its clients and users confirm its success in technical and service implementation, as well as endorsing its established standards of usability.