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employees in

Psychosocial Risks.

Exposed to some everyday situations, employees will answer 24 challenges, divided into 8 themes, with 3 questions on each theme. The aim is to create an environment conducive to raising awareness of the main causes, symptoms, consequences and means of preventing Psychosocial Risks.


Goal: Sensitise employees to the main causes, symptoms, consequences and means of prevention of Psychosocial Risks


Time: 40 min

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Programme contents

Definition of Psychosocial Risk.

Types of Psychosocial Risks.

Occupational stress.

Moral Harassment.

Sexual harassment.

Violence at work.

Burnout syndrome.

Addition to Labour.

Fatigue and Mental Load at Work.

Emocional Work.

Causes, Symptoms, Consequences and Prevention Measures for Psychosocial Risks.

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