Demo or die

Develop Engaging Massive Open Online Resources for Designers Innovative Education


The DEMO OR DIE project focuses on specific training/skills needs that were identified during the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected several countries across Europe. During the COVID-19 situation, one of the first identified needs was related to the shortage of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) that was transversal across different countries. One of the ways to tackle the shortage of PPEs was to use 3D Printers, the technology approached by the project.



Non-manufacturing professionals (e.g. Healthcare Professionals); Manufacturers and 3D printing professionals; Future 3D printing professionals such as Students from Vocation Education and Training and Higher Education.

Profissionais de manufatura e de impressão 3D;

Futuros profissionais de impressão 3D como estudantes universitários ou do ensino profissional.



Within the scope of this project, partners are developing a database containing common design software functionalities, the eLearning Online Course on 3D Printing Design with a range of interactive online learning activities and online assessment tools for 3D Printing Design, which will be implemented in the scope of an engaging interactive skin for Moodle developed by ISQe.



FAN3D (PT), ISQe (PT), Aitiip - Centro Tecnológico (ES), Brunel University London (UK), EWF - European Welding Federation (BE), LMS - Laboratory for manufacturing Systems and Automation (GR).


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