COVID as an opportunity to DIGITALIZE business


It is never enough to debate the current situation of Human Resources in Portugal, the importance of the centrality of people in organizations, especially in times as adverse as the ones we are experiencing. ISQe is a company focused on the topics of Talent Management and its digitalization, whose main clients are large Portuguese companies in the areas of energy, banking and insurance, distribution and retail. This brief text arises from the COVID motto as an opportunity to DIGITALIZE business! Which it is, but it's also a big challenge for organizations, and for ISQe, naturally!

How did we adapt!?

We already had our equipment, networks, software and our employees prepared for teleworking. We were precisely creating some routines and designing some processes, but the quarantine was not exactly spent in telework! It was, managers and employees, children and parents, colleagues and friends, suppliers and customers sharing the same room, and often at the same time! And that was the big challenge… managing all this and allowing each one to create their own rhythm, space and time to fulfill the goals we were committed to achieving.

We created some moments for us to stay/feel connected, we defined times for sharing within the project teams and we tried to ensure that our people felt, above all, safe and accompanied by their supervisors. In fact, there was an even greater effort to get closer to each other to strengthen the spirit of cooperation and mutual help.

Our customers' needs and what has changed for them?

COVID brings challenges for companies that only highly motivated and competent professionals will be able to overcome successfully, but above all professionals who recognize the opportunities of this context and who are able to take advantage. And that's the moment we enter! Our signature is “Engaging People”, our focus is Talent Management and our values: creativity, innovation and flexibility. In view of the facts, we have no room to complain, we are working at full power, in fact we continue to recruit.

Companies are reinventing their businesses, their practices, processes supported by technology and that is where we can intervene, because this urgency implies, above all, the retraining of people. How can we help?

On the one hand, we are official representatives of Cornerstone, a SAS platform, a world leader in training and talent management systems, which allows us to monitor the entire employee cycle in a company: from the recruitment phase, to their training or even to the management of performance and its evaluation. We were thus able to digitize the entire journey of the employee within the company in a unified way.
We are specialists in the production of Software, of native apps that allow us to guarantee the integration of the various systems that support the business, its daily management and, of course, all the processes involved in the management of people and talent.

And finally, we are leaders in creating learning experiences, essentially online! We create multimedia content to support training, we provide pedagogical support in various corporate academies, strategic consulting for the creation and development of academies, training plans, training paths. We have been specializing not only in the production of serious games but also in the gamification of processes and paths, in machine learning and in virtual reality.

This is the range of tools, skills and strategies that we are equipped with. We are helping our clients to digitize knowledge management and human capital, helping them to make the best use of these tools, and the feedback has been very positive in the sense that we jointly find strategies that allow greater flexibility. in training, immediate availability of content to the entire network of employees, reuse of content and with lower costs in the short-medium term.

As experts in learning and development and knowing our customers that we are very focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes in which we are involved, this moment has been challenging, but also very rewarding.

Therefore, to conclude, but going back to the beginning, it is essential to create spaces for sharing and reflection around the centrality of people in organizations, because businesses depend on them more than ever, on their competence and adaptability.

Rute Ferreira
Learning Experience Manager

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